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Hello there! I am former Tiger, I graduated from Louisiana State Univeristy where I studied Marketing with a concentration in Sales and minor in Communication Studies. After graduation I had a full time job lined up in California. However I took a trip to Hiawassee and was overwhelmed with a sense of community and belonging. I decided to take a risk and move to this town and follow my heart. What that’s led to is a very successful Airbnb business, lots of time spent adventuring outdoors and for the first time in my life and deep sense of peace. 

I am a visually inclined person. Wherever I go I try to find the beauty. I am obsessed with interior and exterior design. I can spend hours playing around with different elements and ways to create a living space. I have a renovated Airstream and Geodesic dome that I rent out. When I’m not spending my time thinking of new rental ideas or home renovations you can find me creating videos, photography and pottery! 

Creating art is my passion and that’s why I’m in real estate. I believe everyone deserves their dream space and I’m here to help you envision and create that possibility. I am very tech savvy and full of ideas, pick my brain and let’s create something great.