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Brasstown Bald, GA, rising 4,784 feet above sea level, is Georgia’s tallest mountain. Its incredible 360 degree view allows you to see Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina on a clear day. The changing seasons on Brasstown Bald offer visitors the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature for most of the year.
You’ll have the opportunity to shop at our unique gift shop, tour a visitor center that focuses on Georgia history, geology and the natural world, and watch a 15-minute movie about the incredible changes to the Brasstown landscape during the year.  
Brasstown Bald is not far from Hiawassee, GA and only a few hours from Atlanta, which make it the perfect place to visit on your next Georgia camping trip.  For mountain scenery and fall color, look no further than Brasstown Bald Visitor Center!  Be sure to visit our other beautiful Recreation Area, Anna Ruby Falls, just a short drive from here.
The pristine wilderness from which Brasstown Bald rises is in and of itself unique. Below the peak to the north and east is a "cloud forest," the only one in Georgia. This environmentally sensitive slope features lichen covered yellow birch and spectacular wildflower displays. The area is usually dripping wet from the moisture in the clouds that give this forest its name. A boulderfield typical of a cloud forest is nearby, but be cautious--the rocks are slippery. Here in the shadow of Brasstown Bald is the southernmost habitat of many northern species and home to many animals that populate the forests of Georgia including the brown bear.
Off hour visitors often report bear sightings in the park itself. Throughout the area varieties of oak dominate with willow, ash and occasionally beech and sugar maple. This natural mix makes for an truly marvelous fall view. Clearings in the area sport laurel and rhododendron, while herb, allium(locally called ramp), and wood fern abound. More astute naturalists will detect a wide variety of lesser known plant and animal life. 

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